Over the last number of years of business, we had numerous requests from foreign clients to have their taxidermy work done in South Africa.  As we did not want to jeopardize our dedicated Dip & Pack line of business, we initially decided against it.  The requests kept on coming, so we eventually decided to test the waters…  During 2012 we mounted our first “stock” trophies for a test run.  The results were magnificent and were comparable to the best in the world!
We then decided to proceed with the opening of a small taxidermy section in the business which would operate completely independent from the Dip & Pack section.  This also enabled us to offer a complete “one-stop-shop” for clients.  It never was, and never will be, our intention to try and convince any client to mounts his / her trophies in South Africa.  The choice is solely with the client as both options have pro’s and con’s.  We are here to be of service to our clients – period!  We have numerous taxidermists abroad who prefer to have their clients’ trophies processed through us and it will not be very wise of us to try and convince these clients to have their taxidermy work done through us.  These taxidermist trusted and believed in us over the years to handle their clients’ Dip & Pack and it will stay like that!
In our first full year of business we managed to mount almost 500 trophies, ranging from shoulder mounted pygmy antelopes to full mounted lions…  Our doors are open seven days a week to clients who would like to inspect or see any of our processes.  We’ve had several clients on visit to our facility who have complemented us on the overall operation of our facilities.  Most of these clients also mentioned to us that they will be boarding their planes with a huge relief, knowing where their trophies will be processed…
Below are several downloadable sheets, explaining all the different types of mounts and poses.  These summaries will give you a very good idea of the types and poses.  It is imperative for you to give us as much as possible instructions in order to replicate the trophies as per your choice of instruction.

Full Body Mount               Pedestal Mount              Shoulder Mount             Wall Pedestal Mount