Once your trophies are received by the Shipping Company it is checked into their system.  They will contact you within 72 hours to confirm receipt of your consignment.  As soon as you make contact with them, they will forward you the necessary quotes to ship your trophies back home.

After approval of this quote, you can pay them by means of Credit Card or Direct Swift Transfer.  As soon as your payment is received, your consignment is booked onto the first available flight to leave for it’s destination.

During the correspondence with us it is important to supply us with the name and details of a Clearing Agent / Broker in your home country, who will be responsible for clearing your consignment on arrival.  Should you not have a Clearing Agent / Broker, the shipping company will have to appoint one on your behalf, which will obviously first have to be clarified with you.

On arrival of your consignment in your home country, the Clearing Agent / Broker will ensure that your consignment is cleared by the necessary authorities, before it will be forwarded to your final destination of choice (consignee).


It is very important to have all necessary CITES Appendix I IMPORT Permits (for protected game) in place before your consignment can leave South Africa.  Please apply for these permits on arrival back home as it might take up to three months for your import permit to be issued.  Should you need the necessary application forms, please e-mail us and request them from us.  As soon as you receive the said Import Permits, please fax or e-mail a copy to us.  The copy of this Import Permit is then forwarded to the relevant issuing authority, who will then issue the Export Permit.

You will be kept up to date throughout this whole pre-shipment phase by means of electronic mail.  You will also be notified of the arrival of your consignment by, either the Shipping Company or the Clearing Agent / Broker.