Make sure that, if you wish to hunt a CITES listed species, you read the section titled CITES, under GENERAL INFO.
Make sure that, if you wish to hunt a TOPS listed species, you read the section titled TOPS, under GENERAL INFO.
Make sure that all the necessary documentation is signed.  This includes the PH Register and Hunting Permits (if applicable).


It is of vital importance that we have your CORRECT PHYSICAL ADDRESS.  No PO Box-addresses or work addresses will be accepted as the receiving authority wants to check validity of names and addresses according to government data.  You can always arrange with your clearing agent / broker to have your consignment delivered to your work address, but the documentation must reflect your physical home address (for the importation).
Make sure that your first and last names are spelled correctly on all documentation.  Please, no Bill instead of William… no Bob instead of Robert… Eddy instead of Edward, etc.  Your consignment might be seized as your government has record of William, and not Bill…
It is important to provide us with your shipping address ASAP as this information has to be noted when we apply for the export permits.  This might be your clearing agent or taxidermist’s details.
You can send us this information just by clicking on CLIENT INFORMATION button on the top menu and complete the required information online.