Confirmation from Client

On return to our office, a copy of our “Collection Register”, listing all different species and trophy parts, is forwarded to the client by means of e-mail.  The client must then CONFIRM the species and parts in writing, before permit application will commence.  It is not big fun to start looking for a trophy part when everything is processed, permitted and ready to be packed and crated!  So, please make sure about the species and trophy parts!
Together with the initial correspondence, a client will receive a form where we request the hunter’s details be completed.  Although we might have received it from the outfitter, this is just to make sure that we have the correct spelling of names and the correct physical home address.  Should the address we have received not be 100% correct, the chances are that US Fish & Wildlife Services might seize your consignment!
Apart from these details, we also require your shipping information.  This might be your your taxidermist’s or the clearing agent’s details.  We can’t apply for an export permit, without an indication where the consignment will be shipped to.  Please make sure about this address as it will be captured on the export documentation.  Should you later change your mind, it will have to be amended accordingly on the export documentation, which will result in a delay of your consignment and it will incur additional charges!  Alternatively, and the quickest, is to click on “Client Information”-tab on the menu above in order to supply us with the information online.
  • Processing of trophies will be done upon receipt of the trophies in order to prevent any possible damage,
  • Application for export documentation, will only be done once confirmation and approval is received from the client,
  • The 99-day count-down will only start once confirmation and approval is received from the client/representative in writing,
  • The 99-day period is also subjected to the receipt of shipping information,
  • The 99-day period EXCLUDES the month of December as South Africa “shuts down” for our annual Christmas Holidays,
  • If you have hunted a CITES I species, you have to apply for a CITES Appendix I Import Permit immediately.  On receipt of this Import Permit you have to forward us a copy as our issuing authority will only issue the CITES Export Permit when a copy of the Import Permit has been submitted to them as per International Regulation,
  • If you have hunted a CITES II species, the CITES Import Permit will be issued upon arrival of your consignment in your home country,
  • No Deposit is required for Dip & Pack up front!  We only require payment once processing of trophies is finished, permits are in hand and trophies are ready to be crated!
  • Our prices are inclusive of Collection, Processing, Permitting, Packing and Crating!  We do not quote for the processing only and leave all the permitting, packing and crating charges to a third party, which will only be added to your shipping bill!
  • Please note that Shipping Charges are NOT included in our prices.  The actual shipping charge (international airline), which forms the basis of your shipping cost, changes on a monthly basis due to the fluctuation in oil prices, etc.  Secondly, the shipping costs are based on the actual / volumetric weight of your consignment.  These weights are only available after the consignment has been packed and crated, and the packing and crating is done after payment is received…